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Is My Child Gifted?

The gifted child is inquisitive. They seek to understand the world around them at greater depths than the typical child their age. They tend to retain information in richer detail and use that information to make meaningful connections between topics, experiences, or thoughts. They are both highly focused and easily distracted. And the list goes on. . . Overall, the gifted child is wonderfully complex—and we understand and celebrate that at Quest Academy.

There are several signs that may indicate a child is gifted, including:

  1. Early development: Children who are gifted may start speaking, reading, and solving complex problems earlier than their peers.
  2. High curiosity and creativity: Gifted children may have an insatiable curiosity and imagination, which can lead to artistic, musical, or scientific abilities.
  3. Advanced vocabulary and verbal skills: They may have an extensive vocabulary and advanced language skills, and may ask complex questions from a young age.
  4. Ability to understand complex concepts: They may grasp abstract ideas quickly, and have a strong desire to learn and explore new concepts.
  5. Independent thinking: They may have a strong sense of individuality and a desire to think for themselves.

However, it’s important to note that these traits can also be seen in children who are not gifted, so it’s best to have your child evaluated by a qualified professional, such as a psychologist or educational specialist, for a formal determination.

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Why is Gifted Education Different?

Educational research has found supporting evidence that the needs of gifted children are simply different from that of other students. Bright children may find themselves withdrawn or disengaged from grade-level curriculum. Even when slightly accelerated content is offered, children may still become disinterested and frustrated with the classroom experience, both in content and process. Children who find themselves in an environment that is not designed for their learning needs may exhibit behaviors that are tangential to the actual learning, including acting out in class or expressing social emotional concerns that may result in anxiety, depression, or low self-confidence. As a result, parents may find themselves struggling to discover the best course of action for their young children to ensure emotional well-being and foster a love for learning.

At Quest Academy, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and balanced education, ensuring all Quest students reach their full potential regardless of their circumstances. Our school is comprised of qualified educators who have the expertise and training to engage, motivate, and inspire an advanced group of students. They embrace the qualities that make a child unique, understanding that each learner interprets and receives information differently. With the teacher’s support, students develop into thoughtful individuals and ask more complex questions, channeling their inner curiosity.

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The Admission Process

Affording Quest Academy

Quest Academy provides tuition assistance to families with children in preschool through eighth grade who demonstrate financial need through the financial aid application process.

Presently, about 30% of our students receive assistance of varying amounts. While the budget for tuition assistance is generous and the School is able to meet the needs of many new families, it is not always possible to offer tuition assistance to all who apply. Students receiving tuition assistance must be in good academic standing and display good citizenship.

Options exist to make tuition more affordable. See below for details, or contact the Business Office at 847-202-8035 to discuss.

  • We offer several tuition payment schedules: in full, in three installments or in ten installments.
  • Financial Aid is available for qualifying families. Awards are based on demonstrated financial need, as determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, as administered by the Quest Academy Financial Aid Committee. See the link below for more information about applying for Financial Aid.
  • 529 Plans – 2018 Tax law changes expanded the use of 529 Plans; those funds can now be used for K-12 education (in addition to college) costs. Limitations do apply, so consult your tax advisor for advice.

Quest Academy considers each family individually using the guidelines set forth by administration and the data as reported by the family. The maximum award that Quest Academy is prepared to offer to those families who qualify for the highest need is 50% off the full tuition amount.Families must be prepared to contribute the remaining balance after the award is accepted.

2024-2025 Tuition

  • Pre-School Half Day (Three year olds) $12,375
  • Pre-School Full Day (Three year olds) $16,515
  • Jr. Kindergarten through 8th Grade $25,980

New Family Legacy Fee

Upon admission to Quest Academy, all new families are charged a one-time New Family Fee. The New Family Fee supports the development of new academic programs and technology applications to benefit all Quest Academy students.

  • Preschool $500
  • Junior Kindergarten through 8th Grade $1,500


To apply for tuition assistance, all families must complete a financial aid application by completing the following steps:

  • Visit Facts Grant & Aid (FGA) and complete a financial aid application. Assistance with the FGA website is available by calling 866-315-9262.
  • After completing the FGA online application, upload the required financial documents for the most recent tax year. Required documents include W2’s, IRS Form 1040 and all schedules.
  • The application and supporting documents will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee and the decision will be shared with the family. If a family qualifies for financial assistance their contract will be adjusted to reflect the aid award and a new signature will be required to accept the adjusted amount.

Specific information on financial aid deadlines and application steps can be obtained here.

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