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Service learning is an integral part of the Quest Academy curriculum and encourages students to actively reflect and seek to make a positive change in our society. Every Monday in Middle School, 45 minutes of the school day is spent with students learning about their area of focus for service:

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Literacy
  • Environment
  • Hunger and Homelessness

The benefits of service learning are multi-layered with a commitment toward community interspersed with instruction and education to enrich the overall experience.

In the case of Quest’s Middle School students, the logistics and activities for service learning events are organized and implemented by the students themselves. “Our Middle School students get leadership opportunities they can’t find elsewhere,” said Service Learning Chairperson Jen Fabsik, Middle School Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. “It’s incredible to hear the students calling organizations and making plans. We had people think that they were actually dealing with adults.”

Lower school grades are assigned an area of service and every trimester participate in “buddy days” with their middle school groups. Service Learning student leaders work with lower school classroom teachers to plan activities related to their service area of focus.

Immersion Days are service opportunities. The expectation is that students will serve the community in a meaningful and tangible way. Opportunities can include student designed in-house workshops, off-campus projects, outdoor expeditions, speaking events, etc.