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Third Graders in Science

Grade 3

Welcome to a year of exploration, presentation, and celebration as a Quest third-grader. In keeping with our Quest Mission Statement, we take great pride in offering a unique, differentiated program that is designed intentionally with a solid understanding of the developmental stages and social needs of gifted third-grade students.

4th Grade girl doing science experiments

Grade 4

Walking into 4th grade, visitors are always taken by students’ engagement in living history. From the challenges of the Plymouth Pilgrims through the struggles of the American Revolution, the students learn about American history by acting as real people from the past. The children examine various time periods, learn about the positives and negatives of events of the past, and consider their effects on the world today.

Fifth graders finishing a school project

Grade 5

The fifth-grade teachers challenge advanced learners in a nurturing environment that is creative, innovative, and opportunistic. There is attention given to the smallest of details that lead to a happy place to learn. Both teachers believe that the valuing of the child, raising their self-confidence, and enhancing their love of learning are their main priorities.


Grades 3 -5

New opportunities for growth and adventure await a Quest student entering the third through fifth grades. At Quest Academy, one must travel up the stairs to enter the intermediate grades area. This is appropriate in a way, because third, fourth, and fifth grades are the bridge between being a younger type of student and the Middle School years. The journey across this bridge brings with it great independence and self awareness. With guidance, students learn to observe their growth and take more responsibility for their role in that growth. Executive functioning skills become more critical in preparing for Middle School and beyond. Building independence in work habits, organization, and homework study strategies are all developed throughout these grade levels.

There are also social, emotional, and academic changes which are unique to third, fourth, and fifth grade students. The depth of their academic journey intensifies, sparking new tangents to explore. A creative approach, with strong academic foundations and the use of critical thinking skills enable both teachers and students to reach beyond the bridge and soar. To take these risks, students are tapping into another area of their development, the strength of their character. At Quest, these traits are woven into the curriculum, not taught as a stagnant subject. Opportunities to lead and support others is also cultivated through our service learning projects and knight program.