THANK YOU from the Kingdom Campaign

We are delighted to report that the Kingdom Campaign raised $227,323 in November! To date, 58% of Quest families have donated or made a pledge. THANK YOU!

Congratulations to our 6th grade families for winning the Royal Knights Tournament! Their class had a whopping 88% of families donate to the Kingdom Campaign! We are truly appreciative of their generosity and support and we look forward to hosting their Family Movie Night later in the year.

During our phone-a-thon, many more families said they would also be giving. Please know that there is still time to make a gift and fulfill your promise! The link to donate below will stay open throughout the remainder of the school year. We are counting on you to reach our goals of 100% family participation and $240,000 for Quest Academy! We are excited to watch those dollars continue to grow. Remember, every dollar raised goes right back into the school to make your child’s experience the very best it can be!

If you have any questions regarding the Kingdom Campaign, please contact Karen Dickerson, Director of Development, at (847) 602-3487 or via email.

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