Quest Alumni in Action Update

Last October, we told a story of a charitable organization, Devices4U2020, started by two Quest Academy alumni, Rohan Ganeshan and Sachleen Tuteja, with a mission of addressing disparities in our education system with respect to technology.
Sachleen and Rohan were driven by the desire to bring more equity to education by connecting under-resourced schools with donated computers and tablets. Last October, they organized a donation event in partnership with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library to distribute repurposed devices to students in need. They also enlisted supported from the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce, various businesses and schools.

Flash forward to 2021 and Devices4U2020 is extending its reach internationally to help connect schools with new technology.

Sachleen and Rohan
Children With workstation
In the last few months with the help of Quest Academy (Palatine), Arlington Heights Memorial Library and the Samaritans of the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Devices4U2020 was able to collect over 110 used electronic devices (laptops/tablets/chromebooks/MacBooks). The devices were then refurbished and donated to education organizations supporting underprivileged youth in Chicago, British Columbia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Middle school students of the Literacy Service Learning Group at Quest Academy helped deprovision over 30 Chromebooks before donating them to Devices4U2020 in order to contribute to the cause.
Here’s a video “thank you” from Kibera School in Kenya.

The good work never stops . . . if you would like to donate any laptops or tablets, to be electronically “recycled” to those in need, please visit Devices4U2020 to get involved.

Thank you Sachleen and Rohan! You make us all so proud! Keep up the great work!