Congratulations to our Track & Field Team at Sectionals!

Quest Academy’s Track and Field team attended the IESA Track and Field Sectionals meet on Saturday, May 7th. Both our boys and girls did a fantastic job and placed in multiple categories. 

Our 8th Grade Boys Team are Sectional Champions!

  • Gael Diaz
  • Julian Jandris
  • Matthew Lee
  • Rohan Pagdiwalla
  • Jacob Plotnick
  • Reid Peterson
  • Luke Schmidt
  • Riley Wold
  • Miles Waddell
  • Elliot Burke

The IESA State Track and Field meet will take place on Friday, May 13th. We have seven boys who will be representing Quest.

State Bound:

  • Gael Diaz
  • Julian Jandris
  • Matthew Lee
  • Jacob Plotnick
  • Reid Peterson
  • Riley Wold
  • Miles Waddell

 Girls 7th Grade Team

  • 5th Place in 100m Hurdles – Brooklyn Murphy
  • 4th Place in 4x100m Relay – Soraya Banerjee, Sanaya Shah, Ksheera Karthik, Brooklyn Murphy
  • 6th Place Long Jump – Soraya Banerjee

Boys 7th Grade Team

  • 1st Place 110m Hurdles Miles Waddell
  • 5th Place 110m Hurdles Elliot Burke
  • 2nd Place 1600m Run – Miles Waddel
  • 6th Place 800m Run – Miles Waddell

Boys 8th Grade Team 

  • 2nd Place 110m Hurdles Julian Jandris
  • 3rd Place 110m Hurdles Luke Schmidt
  • 5th Place 100m Run – Matthew Lee
  • 1st Place 1600m Run – Riley Wold
  • 2nd Place 1600m Run – Gael Diaz
  • 1st Place 4x200m Relay – Jacob Plotnick, Reid Peterson, Julian Jandris, Matthew Lee
  • 2nd Place 4x100m Relay – Miles Waddell, Luke Schmidt, Elliot Burke, Rohan Pagdiwalla
  • 1st Place 400m Run – Reid Peterson
  • 1st Place 200m Run – Matthew Lee
  • 4th Place 200m Run – Jacob Plotnick
  • 1st Place 800m Run – Riley Wold
  • 1st Place 4x400m Relay – Gael Diaz, Jacob Plotnick, Riley Wold, Reid Peterson
  • 3rd Place Shot Put – Rohan Pagdiwalla
  • 3rd Place Discus – Riley Wold
  • 5th Place Discus – Gael Diaz
  • 2nd Place Long Jump – Matthew Lee