Quest Academy Families Compete in Family GooseChase Car Rally

The fourth annual Family GooseChase Car Rally was held on February 4, 2024. The race kicked off from the school’s Main Lobby, with Dr. Vicki Phelps, Head of School, waving the checkered flag at 2:00 p.m. Teams of families took off in their cars in a race to be this year’s winner.

The GooseChase event is a scavenger hunt where teams drive to different community locations to solve challenges and complete crazy tasks. Points are accumulated by uploading photos and videos to the GooseChase app. This year’s tasks included such things as finding a license plate which had all numbers summing to exactly 11, and taking a picture with a doctor riding a tiger somewhere on the Quest Campus.

To participate in the event, each family had to bring a donation for the upcoming Night of All Knights Auction and Gala, scheduled for April 11-13. This year’s donations included family board games and Lego sets.

Trophies were awarded on Monday, February 5, to the teams with the highest points. Congratulations to the winners:

First place: Qaimari and Sheth (18,000 points)
Second place: Serruya Family (17,800 points)
Third place: Kool Kassams (17,350 points)