Lucky Rolls Could Lead to Big Goals!

This year’s Night of All Knights features a new dice game, with a chance for one lucky guest AND Quest Academy to win $10,000! The game features six dice, each with one of the letters that spells out the word “Quest” and the sixth one has # on it. For $10 per roll, each player is allowed up to two rolls for a chance to spell Q-U-E-S-T-#. If someone wins, it’s $5,000 to the winner and $5,000 to Quest Academy, and the game ends.

Remember, there is no need to bring cash to the gala. You can use your GiveSmart account bid number for games, grand raffle tickets, the wine pull, Bubbles and Baubles, and more. This allows you to participate in as many activities as you want throughout the night and pay for them collectively at the end of the evening.

We recommend setting up your GiveSmart account ahead of time here.