Kingdom Campaign & The Royal Knights Tournament

It’s the end of week 3 – only 1 more week to go! Thank you to everyone who has donated or made a pledge so far. Every dollar is extremely appreciated. To date we have raised over $105,000 towards our $260,000 goal!

As noted earlier this week, the phone-a-thon has been moved to next Tuesday evening. Our Board of Trustee and Development Committee members will be reaching out to all of our families who have not yet given to the Kingdom Campaign. Don’t want the call? Click here to donate or make a pledge today, or make your gift on Giving Day, Saturday, Nov. 11th.

You have one more week to help your child’s grade win a Drive-In Movie Night at the McHenry Outdoor Theater next summer! Here are the current standings of the Royal Knights Tournament:

  • The Royal 7th Grade:    39%
  • The Royal PreSchool:   29%
  • The Royal Kindergarten:   27%
  • The Royal 3rd Grade:    26%
  • The Royal 4th Grade:    23%
  • The Royal 1st Grade:    13%
  • The Royal 6th Grade:    13%
  • The Royal 5th Grade:    12%
  • The Royal 2nd Grade:    10%
  • The Royal 8th Grade:     5%

As our students stated so eloquently in our Kingdom Campaign video, “Together, we grow!”

Click here for a copy of the Kingdom Campaign brochure, which outlines why the Kingdom Campaign is necessary and how its proceeds are used. If you still have questions, contact Karen Dickerson, Director of Development, at (847) 602-3487 or email at karen.dickerson@questacademy.org.

Thank You!