Gifted Education, Adapted to Each Child’s Needs

To us, gifted education means shoring up weak areas while supporting each child’s strengths.

At Quest Academy, we recognize and understand that each child has circumstances unique to them. Quest is dedicated to making sure students are comprehending and understanding the material they are learning. Each child is different, and we celebrate those differences at Quest Academy. Giftedness is domain-specific — it may occur predominantly in one, or more, domains such as mathematics, science, the arts, or language — but can be enhanced in all domains. Giftedness may involve asynchronous development and does not preclude exceptionalities. Giftedness is nurtured by an environment that provides continuous intellectual stimulation and creative engagement within a community of like-minded peers and supportive adults — and we provide all of that here at Quest Academy.

Quest Academy has a dedicated staff with deep experience to ensure our students are getting the gifted education they deserve. Our curriculum is dynamic and meant to engage bright students in meaningful content. Our community is filled with opportunities for our students to interact and apply their learning to real-world situations and to make an impact. On top of academics, we provide an array of extracurricular activities and sports. We recognize the importance of social-emotional development on top of academic learning.

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