Gala Attire: Dress for Quest!

The Night of All Knights Gala is just one week away! Gala attire is black tie optional, and you’ll often see cocktail, cultural, and casual chic at the event.

This year, we recommend planning your outfit around the Quest Academy House Colors! Each house is unique, so check with your child to find out which house they belong to. If you have more than one child at Quest Academy, they may be sorted into different houses.

Here’s a quick guide to each house’s color, character trait, country, and animal:
Onraka: Orange, Unity, India, Bengal Tiger
Sollevare: Yellow, Uplifting, Italy, Phoenix
Isibindi: Green, Courage, South Africa, Lion
Rêveur: Blue, Passion, France, Wolf
Nukumori: Purple, Kindness, Japan, Dragon

At this year’s celebration, you’ll see the theme of “Five Houses, One Quest” throughout the ballroom and integrated into the night’s offerings and activities. There will be five house step-and-repeat backdrops for photo opportunities, along with a beautiful balloon display featuring each house’s color. During the dinner hour, there will be five food stations – each with its own signature house cocktail and menu items representing each of the countries and cultures linked to the houses.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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