Bright Minds, Bright Future: Science Fair Winners Spark Inspiration

It’s been a long and busy year in the Quest Academy lab! All seventh and eighth grade students began working on their science fair projects in late August and presented their results at the Quest Academy school science fair in early January.

In all, 20 students qualified for the Region 6 Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Fair held in March where 17 students took home gold medals and the entire team was awarded “Best School” in their division for having the largest percentage of gold medal awards. It should be noted that Region 6 is one of the largest and most competitive regions in the state! 

From that event, ten students qualified for the IJAS State Exposition, and nine were able to attend the competition on May 4, at Milikin University. Quest Academy students presented topics from behavioral research, botany, chemistry, microbiology, and computer science. Seven of the nine students once again earned a gold rating, and Paige T. and Louie Z. will move on to the national science competition. Congratulations to an amazing group of students!  

Gold Ratings:
Louie Z., “Background Noise vs. Productivity”
Ksheera K., “Cognitive Dissonance and its Implications”
Vedant S., “More Attention to Attention”
Anum D., “What Is the Impact of Acid Rain on Plants?”
Paige T., “From Brew to Blue: A Comparative Study on Caffeine Removal Methods”
Arnav C., “A Novel Approach to Variable Star Classification Using AI”
Alex R., “Can Natural Supplements Aid the Effectiveness of Antibiotics?”

Silver Ratings:
Zalph C., “Alternative Light Sources: Artificial Light Vs. Solar Panel’s Output Voltage”
Vivian H., “Essential Oils Vs. Escherichia Coli”