A Winning Argument for Debate at Quest Academy

Congratulations to the Quest Academy Debate Team for their participation in the T4 League Championship Debate, the team’s fourth and final regular season tournament. This was the third year for the debate team, but the first time the team has competed at the varsity level.

The competition took place on Saturday, March 9, and 42 Quest Academy students participated, with several students taking home awards. The team was led by middle school teacher Drew Shilhanek. “This was such an amazing season,” Mr. Shilhanek said. “We continue to grow in numbers and are up to 42 students. This group was so amazing because we saw such growth in novice-, junior varsity-, and varsity-level debaters.

“I am so proud of Lily and Louie capturing the championship in the junior varsity division,” Shilhanek continued. “After starting strong the first tournament but struggling through the next two, they put together their best at the right time.”

“I cannot say enough about Alex and Arnav,” Shilhanek said. “They are a force to be reckoned with at the varsity level, and qualifying for the championship round at the varsity level is amazing. I am also proud of Nina and Michelle, first-year debaters, for earning a spot in the championship match and barely missing out on the number one spot. They have joined Quest Academy and have become a force.”

A job well done by all participants.



2. Alex R. and Arnav C.
6. Vedant S. and Bruce A.

Junior Varsity
1. Lily P. and Louie Z.
6. Austin P. and Aarush P.

2. Michelle T. and Nina B.
5. Sarina C. and Shrikari P.
9. Tanya T. and Adya G.
10. Amanda A. and Aaron N.
13. Daniel D. and Rayan Z.


1. Bruce A.
2. Alex R.
4. Vedant S.
7. Arnav C.
8. Rayan Z.

Junior Varsity
1. Lily P.
2. Reed Q.
7. Louie Z.
8. Rohan B.

2. Nina B.
4. Amanda A.
6. Shrikari P.
9. Aaron N.
10. Sean R.
11. Tania T.