The wins keep on coming for our Quest Debaters!

Quest Academy hosts online MMSDL tournament!

Last Saturday, our still-young, but mighty Quest Academy Debate Team distinguished themselves at the Varsity, JV and Novice levels in an online Debate tournament, hosted by Quest Academy.  Congratulations to all who competed (and parents who helped) and special congratulations to our teams that placed at various levels:

Team Awards

Junior Varsity Division

  • Chaphalker and Rechitsky – 3rd Place
  • Cheriyan and Belorusskiy – 4th Place
  • Narayanan and Gupta – 5th Place
  • Ganeshan and Haldwania – 6th Place

Novice Division

  • Sivakumar and Allkanjari – 2nd Place
  • Patel and Patel – 3rd Place

Speaker Awards

Junior Varsity Division

  • Narayan – 2nd Place
  • Haldwania – 3rd Place
  • Cheriyan – 4th Place
  • Rechitsky – 5th Place
  • Zahn – 7th Place
  • Sijipati – 8th Place
  • Chaphalker – 9th Place
  • Muir – 10th Place

Novice Division

  • Sivakumar – 3rd Place
  • Qaimari – 4th Place
  • Allkanjari – 5th Place
  • Patel – 9th Place 

Keep up the great work Questies!  You make us proud.

State Update

Quest Academy’s continues to excel in Debate as it qualified three of the eight top-seeded novice teams, four of the top six JV teams, and an eighth-seeded team. The Midwest Middle School Debate League’s “League Championship” Tournament on March 11 proved that Quest continues to be a highly-competitive school. Top seeds from both leagues advance to a 16 or 12-team tournament in novice, JV, or varsity. It’s a win and advance tournament.

JUNIOR VARSITY (JV): Quest’s Junior Varsity teams were a force throughout the year. The JV division means competitors have participated in Debate for one year. Seventh graders Alex Rechitsky and Arnav Chaphalker teamed up for a second year and earned a No. 3 seed. Last year, this duo won their first-round match in the State Tournament. Eighth graders Riya Cheriyan and Mark Belorusskiy earned a No. 4 seed just behind Arnav and Chaphalker. Eighth graders Sumaer Gupta and Nishant Narayanan also competed well and earned a No. 5 seed. Sixth grader Mikey Muir and eighth grader Ravi Sijapati’s steady success earned a No. 6 seed.

NOVICE: Seventh grader Bruce Allkanjari and eighth-grader Veda Sivakumar earned the top seed in the MMSDL. Fifth graders Reed Qaimiri and Portia Dalskov earned a No. 3 seed, and Aarush and Austin Patel jumped into the seventh seed because of their strong performance in that final MMSDL Championship Tournament. The novice division represents first-year debaters.

The State Debate Championship will be held Saturday, Apri. 22.