Storytelling Night is 2 weeks away!

Consider this your written invitation to a night of stories that are anything but written down . . . 

You are invited to Quest’s 14th Annual Storytelling Night.  It will be a magical night of stories told through spoken word, music and dance.  Stories are a primary method of transferring cultural knowledge from one generation to the next.  The profession of storyteller is an old one with many names: minstrel, troubadour, jongleur, trouvère, minnesinger, scald, scop, skaziteli, seanachie, pinkerrd, and griot, to name a few.

But wait, there’s more . . . families who attend won’t just watch a “performance” but they will take part in the story telling as well.  After one of our amazing Quest faculty has shared a story from somewhere around the world, Mrs. Burger will lead us in learning a folk dance from that same country. We will all learn together and we will all tell the stories together.  This wonderful event is open to the entire family and is a wonderful opportunity to get to know our Quest community. 

Who: Everyone is invited

Where & When: Sept 23rd, 6:30-8:30pm in the Quest Gym


  • Seating will be provided (No blankets or chairs needed)
  • Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated
  • No food please, because no one wants an injured dancer