Quest Students Shine at Scholastic Bowl

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, our Quest Academy 6th and 5th grade Scholastic Bowl students competed separately at a 5th & 6th grade tournament at Keith School in Rockford.  We were allowed teams of 5 students each, but due to conflicts with other activities, both of our teams only competed with 3 students and were very successful!

Scholastic Bowl is a fun, fast-paced academic competition for students. People who like Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, reading, and those who enjoy increasing their knowledge often participate in this activity. In a match, two teams of five compete to answer the most questions quickly and correctly, using an electronic buzzer system. It is played at the elite elementary school level and progresses to IHSA-sanctioned competitions at the High School level

Our Quest A team of 6th Graders Douglas Byrne, Noah Schulman, and Vedant Sedhurasan were the Champions of the Tournament with a record of 8-0!

Our Quest B team of 5th graders Shaarav Bhatt, Charlie Chilvers, and Ryan Kim earned 3rd place, with a record of 5-2!

On an indivdual basis, the following Quest students distinguished themselvess and Quest Academy:
1st ~ Vedant Sedhurasan in 6th grade (6th grade only team)
6th ~ Charlie Chilvers in 5th grade (5th grade only team)
8th ~ Shaarav Bhatt in 5th grade (5th grade only team)
11th ~ Noah Schulman in 6th grade. (6th grade only team)

Way to GO Questies!

Joshua when he was at Quest Academy