Quest Academy Opens Additional Section of 4th Grade

Quest is excited to announce we will be adding a third section of 4th grade beginning January 10, 2022. This new section will have its own teacher and classroom, and it will not impact our two current sections of 4th grade. The addition of this section is a great opportunity for new students due to the small class size and the opportunity for students to receive close attention.

If you know of anyone or have a child yourself who is in 4th grade, don’t hesitate on starting the process of joining our wonderful school. If you have any questions, please reach out to our admissions team.

Brenda Jurewicz

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Jurewicz, M.A

Mrs. Jurewicz has over 20 years of expeeience teaching gifted children at Quest Academy and she is looking forward to welcoming our new cohort of 4th Graders.  Mrs Jurewicz takes particular interest in Mathematics, Language Arts, Technology and Social Emotional Learning.

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