Quest Girls Basketball Goes Undefeated to Win Tournament

On Saturday, February 1st the Varsity girls basketball team played a tournament at Christian Liberty Academy. We began the morning with 7 girls. Two 8th graders, two seventh graders, one sixth-grader, and two 5th graders. The overall youngest team there. The first game was at 8:40 in the morning and we finished at 12:50, completing our four-game tournament schedule. To say that is was a tough schedule with two subs, would be an understatement!

We completed our games, going undefeated and taking the first place trophy home before the tournament was over. (We had beaten all the teams, head to head) This is the second year in a row we are undefeated at this tournament, taking home the gold. The championship game was our best, holding St. Peter Lutheran to 4 points and scoring 24. The girls played tremendous defense!