Quest Academy Attends State Science Exposition

The best Science projects from all over the state of Illinois were gathered in one place on Saturday, April 23rd in Peoria at the Civic Center. The city of Chicago alone had 55 schools represented. There were 850 projects total and around 1,000 kids in attendance. The competition was pretty stiff, but Quest Academy still made its name heard amidst the talent.

12 students represented Quest, and three of them brought home Silver and nine of them brought home Gold. Amongst these achievements, other various awards were won!

Broadcom Masters Competition Winners

Broadcom is an independent organization that invites the top 10% of students from the State Exposition to compete in their competition next Fall. Winners can potentially go all the way to Washington D.C. for a National Science Exposition. Four of our students were invited to compete:

  • Shivani Ganeshan
  • Sumaer Gupta
  • Maanya Haldwania
  • Avi Garg

Best in Category

  • Best in Category for Microbiology – Sumaer Gupta
  • Best in Category for Environmental Science – Nishant Narayanan

Special Award from the Illinois Water Environment Association

  • Nishant Narayanan

Amazing job, Quest Academy!

Annabel Hasty