Debate Tournament Results

It was an eventful and exciting day for our Debate team at Quest Academy this past Saturday! The final results for Quest at the tournament are as follows:

We had five teams earn a place in the championship round. We won four of the five championship-round matches.

Nishant Narayanan and Sumaer Gupta (5-0) won their championship-round match and captured first place. 

Maanya Haldwania and Shivani (5-0) won their championship round match and captured third.

Mark Belorusskiy and Riya Cheriyan (4-1) lost their CR match and captured sixth.

In a first-time pairing, Brooklyn Murphy and Anum Daudi (4-1) won their CR match and captured ninth.

Another first-time pairing of Bruce Allkanjari and Amarjot Singh (4-1) won their CR match and captured 13th.

Out of 110 competitors at the tournament, our top speakers were:

6th Nishant Narayanan

10th Brooklyn Murphy

11th Soraya Banerjee

17th Simeon Zahn

19th Saanj Garg

Congratulations, and great job to all of the participants.