Begin Your Young Child’s Gifted Education Journey Today

If you’re recognizing gifted traits in your young child, such as advanced vocabulary, connection between abstract concepts; or keen observation and curiosity, now is the perfect time to consider gifted education. The National Association of Gifted Children believes that providing engaging, responsive learning environments in which young learners’ interests, strengths, and skills are identified, developed, and used to guide individualized learning experiences benefit all children, including young gifted children.

Providing a nurturing environment with like-minded peers when they are young allows them to continue developing their strengths and improving on areas that may be weaker. This sets the foundation for successful learning and supports both cognitive and affective growth. Modifications for gifted learners are rarely implemented in preschool-early elementary classrooms, thus the early educational experiences of many young gifted children provide limited challenges and can hinder their cognitive growth.

Quest Academy focuses on recognizing, developing, and nurturing the strengths and talents of all children age 3 through 8. Our early learning curriculum emphasizes reading, phonics, writing, art, science, drama, music and social emotional learning.

Information courtesy of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). Read the full press release here.