Knights on the Run 2021 Recap

The Knights on the Run was filled with fun! Over 200 people from around the community joined us for our 4K on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who showed up, whether you ran, volunteered, or cheered on the others, we were happy to see so many smiling faces.

Our Pie-in-the-Face competition reached its conclusion, and Mr. Stoffregen received the most donations. Mrs. Gruzinsky braced for impact- but lo and behold Mr. Stoffregen pied himself instead! However, Mrs. Dickerson took matters into her own hands and pied Mrs. Gruzinsky herself. Mrs. Diones was unable to attend unfortunately, but we will make sure she gets pied as well!

Congratulations to all of our medal winners and a tremendous thank you to all of our sponsors! We set a new record by raising over $18,000 for our school. Quest Academy was definitely the big winner this year!