Gifted children benefit from early gifted education

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Early Gifted Programs Set the Course for the Future

Several long-term studies have shown that early gifted educational programs positively affect a student’s secondary and post-secondary plans and achievements. One such study showed that gifted students who benefited from intervention services in elementary and secondary schools received doctorate degrees at 50x the normal level for non-gifted students. Over 60% receive more than one advanced degree.

Early services also help students maintain their interests and creative expression later in life, after completing their degrees. Performance in early programs foreshadows achievements in creative and technical areas well into middle age.

Gifted and talented students who are placed in groups with similar students feel better about themselves. They don’t stand out as being different. Gifted children can concentrate on learning and not worry about social adjustment and peer judgement.

They will develop positive feelings about themselves and better self-esteem. They will have a healthier view of their own abilities and potential. As they have more and more success in school, they become more self-confident and more likely to use this confidence throughout life’s undertakings.

First day of School at Quest
Kindergartners in Science class
Preschool children doing projects


Our youngest students start their day in our sunlit entry, greeted by welcoming smiles and warm gestures from their friends and teachers. While the students sign in and take care of their belongings, parents and teachers touch base about the children, classroom news, and generally build our connections. Kids settle in and investigate the morning provocation, constructed on a table, that prompts them to draw or sculpt as they are inspired.

Jr. Kindergarten learning

Jr. Kindergarten

Following the foundational experience in the Quest Academy preschool program, the Junior Kindergarten experience celebrates and respects the joy and wonder that naturally abounds in this pivotal year of a child’s development. As four- and five-year olds gain independence in leaps and bounds this year, our unique program latches on to that momentum and provides an environment to grow within that is both rich and multifaceted.


Preschool & Jr. Kindergarten

At Quest Academy, our approach to Early Childhood Education is based on asking the question: “What does it feel like to be a child in this environment day after day after day?

  • Do I feel that I belong here or am I just one of the crowd?
  • Am I usually glad to be here, rather than eager to leave?
  • Do I find many of the activities engaging, interesting, absorbing, and challenging rather than just entertaining or exciting?
  • Do I find most of my experiences here meaningful rather than frivolous or boring?
  • Do I find most of the experiences satisfying rather than frustrating or confusing?

When young children engage in serious in-depth investigations of significant elements of their environments and experiences, their minds are challenged and active. In that state, they learn. In addition, the purpose of academic skills such as writing, measuring, and others, becomes relevant to them, sparking an intrinsic motivation to build those skills.

The ability to enjoy relationships and work together is also very important. Children need to enjoy being in school. They need to love their school and the interactions that take place there. Their expectations of these interactions is critical. It is also important for the teachers to enjoy being with the other teachers, to enjoy seeing the children stretch their capacities and use their intelligence, to enjoy interactions with the children. All these parts are essential.