Continuity and Consistency in Gifted Education

Our dedication to Gifted Education remains steadfast.

 Since its founding 40 years ago, Quest Academy has been committed to inspiring gifted students. Our entire teaching staff, administration and curriculum are focused on gifted education and providing a “no ceiling” learning experience that ignites children’s passions and potential.

At Quest Academy, we recognize and understand that each child has circumstances unique to them. Each child is different, and we celebrate those differences. Giftedness is nurtured by an environment that provides continuous intellectual stimulation and creative engagement within a community of like-minded peers and supportive adults — and we seek to provide that at Quest Academy.

Quest Academy faculty and administrators  are all highly trained in Gifted Education, with considerable experience to ensure that students receive the gifted education they deserve. Our curriculum is dynamic and meant to engage bright students in meaningful content. Our community is filled with opportunities for our students to interact and apply their learning to real-world situations and to make an impact.

We invite you to learn more about Quest Academy and why both our Student and Teacher retention remain consistently high. Students in all grades are welcome at Quest Academy.

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